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PiJa has more than 20 years of Management experience.

PiJa can offer a coach program based on our model for holistic thinking. We have great experience in coaching top management in the Swedish industry. PiJa Senior Consultants also work with interim solutions, lean production, organizational development, in- and outsourcing, outplacement etc.

The team at PiJa also have a lot of experience from organizing seminars in society and can be engaged as moderators for events for teams or customers. PiJa Senior Consultants are also engaged as board directors.

Pia Nilsson

Senior Consultant

Pia Nilsson steps into the role of consultant after having indulged in mutual funds, savings and pensions for many years as a leader in different assignments where consumer interest, generational questions and sustainable investments have been in focus. She has previous experience with directorships and is more than willing to undertake a position in a board of directors. She gladly talks about female leadership and is open for coaching assignments. She has great experience in arranging seminars and in participating as moderator, of which she also has international experience.

+46(0)709 - 50 38 60, pia.nilsson@pija.se

Jan Nilsson

Senior Consultant

Jan Nilsson has a vast experience of consultancy and has been hired by multiple listed companies as a coach for managers and management teams, other assignments have involved organizational development with in-/outsourcing. He takes on interim assignments, for example production responsibilities in engineering companies where lean production may be a feature. Board Directorships is something he gladly undertakes and has had great success with before.

+46(0)708 - 16 05 12, jan.nilsson@pija.se